Boss Babe Appreciation Kenia Harris @yourfablifetoday

Boss Babe Appreciation Kenia Harris @yourfablifetoday - Personally She

Today we are highlighting one of my IG besties, the gorgeous Kenia Harris. Kenia is a wife, mother to 3 sons, influencer, and everyone's favorite curl crush! In a time where it is hard to navigate the world and make sense of our current climate, especially as a mother of sons, Kenia manages to stay positive and add a little sunshine to our timelines.  

Kenia is infamous for her flawless selfies, featuring her gorgeous natural tresses. And her skin... melanin STAY poppin! If you need tips and product recommendations for your coils, Kenia is your girl. She often shares styling tips and video tutorials on her IG feed.

Kenia is also a force when it comes to fashion, which made her the perfect partner for Personally She. Kenia is the owner of an online boutique called Fab Finds which features purses, hair accessories, and unique jewelry.

This lady is nothing short of amazing! She is able to balance work, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and marriage. Kenia is definitely #WomanCrushWednesday material. Don't take my word for it. Check out Kenia on her IG here.

If you're interested in either of the shirts Kenia is rocking in this post, click here and here. Until next time stay safe and be blessed.

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