Why We Exist

Hey girlfriend! Thanks for stopping by and finding out who we are. 

Personally She started out as an online, ladies graphic t-shirt boutique. We offered sassy sayings on our tees so ladies could express who they are and still be fly at the same time. 

Soon after opening, owner, Twana Moore, decide she didn't want to just stop there. Her love for getting dressed up for brunch with friends, date night with her hubby, or a fun night overlooking the town from a rooftop party, prompted her to want to expand Personally She. There was just something about getting dressed up for these events that caused a sudden increase in her confidence. She wanted to create a space for other women like her, who love being social, and would need to be fly for these social events. So she did!

Personally She is where sass, style, and trend meets. It offers every day clothing items, such as our unique graphic tees, so you can still be cute while running errands and getting kids to doctors' appointments. It also offers collections that allow you to shop specifically for the occasion. We currently have the Girl's Night Out Collection, and collections will continue to expand. 

Twana rocking a Personally She dress from the Girl's Night Out Collection