Our Story

Hey girlfriend! Thanks for stopping by and finding out more about us.

I’m Twana, the owner of Personally She. I am a HUGE lover of graphic tees with sayings that describe me. I found myself wanting a t-shirt that said certain things, but couldn't find shirts with those sayings for sale. So, I decided to start making and selling them myself. Surely there would be other ladies who'd want the same shirt.

The best way to describe who Personally She is for, is to say it's for the bougie, dope, educated & petty, Black girl with hood tendencies, who loves God, but let's Cash Money Records take over. I mean, that girl needs representation, too. She's a whole mood! It also perfectly describes ME. lol

I am a suburban girl, with hood roots, so I’m bougie with a hood side. I am an HBCU grad (shout out to THE Tennessee State University), but don’t let these degrees fool you. I will still Knuck if You Buck. I will go from backing that azz up, to praising the Lord in 5.2 seconds. I cuss a lot, and correct your grammar, all in the same sentence. I am who I am! I want you to be who you are, too! 

As you browse the website, I hope you feel seen. I hope you feel right at home, knowing there's a whole brand made just for you and you are perfectly fine, just the way you are. MUAH!

Bougie with a Dash of Hood

 Me in our Bougie with a Dash of Hood tee