Boss Babe Appreciation @caribbean_cowgirl

Boss Babe Appreciation @caribbean_cowgirl - Personally She

Can we talk?! When I came across LaNatria Renee' Brackett Ellis also known as @caribbean_cowgirl I immediately shouted: "Yes Sis!" The slay!!! This lady is the definition of DOPE! Take it from me, it's hard enough to balance motherhood and marriage, but LaNatria does it with style, and like a BOSS! 

Can we please get into this boss lady! LaNatria was raised by a southern mom , a religious Jamaican dad, and fought daily with 4 siblings.

What I also love about LaNatria is, she hasn't forgotten where she came from. On her website she says,


"Growing up money was tight. I mean like 'share a .25 can soda with your brothers and sister', but my mom always made sure we looked good. I mean Huxtable's good. I still don't know how she pulled off, but that has stuck with me my whole life. Looking good on a budget is a skill. Things can be inexpensive but can look a mess chile!"


When discussing starting her own brand LaNatria says this: 

"Honestly, I was afraid to start my own brand, but with the help of some real amazing people I stepped out on faith. So I just want to thank you all not only for your support of me but also my dreams!"



If you follow Lanatria on IG @caribbean_cowgirl then you know she's pretty silly but pretty fierce. She's a self made woman! She does her own styling , creative direction, and makeup! She credits her amazing photography to her husband Tim Ellis. He started off driving trucks and taking pictures for her blog, and now it has become his full-time career! I love it!!!! 


LaNatria says:

"I'm making it my mission to change that with Shop Caribbean Cowgirl. I am mixing my love for always wanting to be a rich girl with actual visuals of me looking like a rich girl in pieces curated by me."

 LaNatria you are truly an inspiration! 

Your Girlfriend,



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