Boss Babe Appreciation Leah Thomas @leahthecreative

Boss Babe Appreciation Leah Thomas @leahthecreative - Personally She

Today's #WCW is boss babe Leah Thomas. Leah is one of the greatest examples of what it's like to juggle entrepreneurship, motherhood, and staying true to yourself. I once watched an IGTV video of Leah doing a full face of makeup with one hand while balancing her daughter Brooklyn with the other arm. Is that not a superwoman move? It definitely is! Let's jump into this amazing fashionista.


First and foremost, if you are not following Leah on IG please do so here. This fearless confident mother of two creates dope fashion and lifestyle content mostly featuring her infamous green wall. Some content you can expect to see from Leah are super cute fashions from online boutiques; hair inspiration; and my personal favorite, Le' Lessons.


Here's a recent Le'Lesson you may enjoy:

"I get it wrong a lot because When I don’t get the results I want I move on. I was once told that how you show up in one thing is how you show up in all and that’s a FACT! This year I’m focused on providing dope visual content for amazing brands. Everything I do will incorporate videos I. Some way. My goal, master this before I move on to anything else. Social media temps me daily with more and more ideas but videos are my JAM so let’s see what happens when I stay in my lane."


In addition to creating life and style inspiration, Leah has two online stores. Leah's first store is an online boutique centered around mommy and me t-shirts and apparel, while the other store is a coaching service where you can learn how to show up and create unique video content like Leah. 




Leah also has a Youtube channel where she discusses style and a number of topics about everyday life stuff that we women face but never talk about. Leah considers herself to be a voice for those who have lost their voice. I love the way Leah breaks down finding and creating your unique style in simple steps like a cookbook recipe. Leah states "I truly believe most people don't need a stylist, they just need to learn how to become experts in styling themselves inside and out."


It's been amazing collaborating with this boss babe! Check out Leah in a couple of our past blog posts here and here. To purchase any of the shirt's Leah is rocking from our collection click the picture and you will be redirected to our online store. Until next time, be blessed! 


Your Sis,


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