Boss Babe Appreciation LASHOUNDRA YOUNG @youngatstyle

Boss Babe Appreciation LASHOUNDRA YOUNG @youngatstyle - Personally She

Today's Boss Babe Appreciation goes to the beautiful LaShoundra Young. Sis is setting trends and taking names! LaShoundra is a fellow store owner, wife, mom, and influencer. I can't say enough about how dope LaShoundra is! This lady is slaying shentrepreneurship!!! 

LaShoundra was born and raised in Mobile, AL. Her style is partly influenced by her grandmother Charlie Bell. LaShoundra says,

"We didn’t have a lot, but honey she taught me the fit of my clothing and the fieriness of my attitude would make any outfit a dream!" 

LaShoundra also says, "I’m a longtime admirer of simplicity, so basic tees and jeans with the perfect statement piece are always my default."

LaShoundra started her blog in 2013 while she was working as a Social Worker in Mobile. Now, she's a fulltime business owner, wife and mom.

Photos from her blog and social media are taken by her hubby, Kendell! LaShoundra says, 

"Kendell. He makes me laugh, wipes my tears, hugs me tight, witnesses my falls & keeps me strong...."

LaShoundra is creating a new standard in styling and fashion by establishing a platform that allows women to witness what confidence they already own!


In 2016 LaShoundra founded the brand Inside Out with her business partner Dawn Rankin. Amidst managing family and work, these two business-savvy friends created an ultra-trendy online women's clothing shoppe. The pair diligently used their keen business sense to establish their brand from the ground up. The store name not only embodies one's outer appearance, but it also encompasses their values and thoughts- hence the name InsideOut.

Cheers to the amazing Lashoundra Young! 

Your Girlfriend,



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  • Cassandra Gainey

    This is very inspiring and encouraging!!! Let me check out “Inside Out!”

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