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SIS!!! Did you hear?? We, little ole Personally She, were featured on as one of their TOP PICK faith-based tees. LIKE WHAT?!?

It was crazy! One of my girls sent me a message with a screen shot and she said "You are in my Essence Mag email!!!" Y'all, I have never moved that fast in my life to pull up my email to see if I got it, too. I found the email, clicked the link, and there it was, our God's Got This shirt. I was completely floored! I'm honored, and extremely thankful to have a shirt chosen.

Personally She feature

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About This Tee

When I came up with the saying for this tee, I was thinking about how God's ALWAYS got us, even when we may question if he does. I know we, as Christians, know that deep down, but sometimes we just need a reminder. I decided to put it on that flowy, long-sleeved shirt because, well, it's BOMB. lol, I love that shirt. It's so flattering and it feels amazing. What better reasons to put that particular saying on that shirt?



This shirt is actually the first of a collection called Sayings From God. This collection is meant to be a reminder of things God says to us. They're like little whispers from God himself but on a shirt.

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