Traits of a Black Woman

Traits of a Black Woman - Personally She

Regal - Fit for royalty

Resilient - The ability to recover quickly

Exquisite - A rare excellence that is admirable

Tenacious - Tough, persistent, not easily dispelled

Passionate - Expressive, of strong feelings

Intelligent - Quick to understand, of good judgement

Unapologetic - Not sorry, unashamed

B L A C K   W O M A N 

                                        Traits of a Black Woman Tee                       Traits of a Black Woman Tee

As I came up with the traits for this tee, I thought of my mother, my step-mother, my aunt, my good girlfriends, Michelle Obama; sis, I thought of ALL of us. It is nearly impossible for us to explain what it means to be a Black woman. The fact is, it's quite indescribable. How do you capture ALL that embodies a Black woman? What words do you use to describe the burdens, the pain, the triumphs, the sacrifices? 

                                        Traits of a Black Woman Tee                      Traits of a Black Woman Tee

After I thought of words, I asked some of my closest friends what words came to their mind when they thought of a Black woman. My plan was come up with a longer list of words and then narrow them down to the smaller amount that I would actually use. Nope! To my surprise, those same words kept coming up from one person to the next. That's how I knew, THESE words were IT! These would be my Traits of a Black Woman

                                        Traits of a Black Woman Tee                       Traits of a Black Woman Tee

Of course, there are a few million more words that would perfectly describe a Black woman, but ummmm... how big do you want your shirt, sis? lol I thought these 7 simple, yet powerful, words would be a great start. I hope you agree.


Your Sis, 



*Photo credit goes to Leah of @leahthecreative

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